Powerful grassland weedkiller

Powerful New Grassland Weedkiller Launched

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A powerful new grassland weedkiller has been introduced in Ireland for 2021.  The product is available as two brands – GrassCare Pro and Santro

Benefits of GrassCare and Santro:

  • One product to solve your grassland weed problems.
  • Powerful weed control ingredients.
  • Great value costing from €12 per acre.
  • Available Nationwide from your local stockist.


Got tougher weed challenges like scrub, nettle and brush?

grassland land weedkiller

UpRoot is the weedkiller of choice for tough weed challenges

Benefits of UpRoot:

  • Contains Triclopyr and 2,4-D Ester
  • These ingredients give very effective control of tough weed challenges
  • UpRoot does what it says – kills to the root
  • UpRoot comes in convenient 5 litre packs and offers unrivalled value!

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