Forestry Products

Product Use Active Ingredient Label MSDS
Clearall 360 Standard 360 gram per litre glyphosate packed in 5 litre and 20 litre cans. Clearall 360 uptake can be improved by the addition of 1 part Sprayfast adjuvant in 1000 parts water 360 g/l glyphosate Label MSDS
Glyfos DAKAR Formulated as a convenient to use high quality low dust granule 68% concentration glyphosate Label MSDS
Glyfos Supreme An advanced formulation of glyphosate containing 450 grams per litre packed in 15 litre cans. This product is formulated with full load adjuvant using patented Accelerator technology for enhanced glyphosate uptake and movement within the target plant 450 g/l glyphosate plus full adjuvant load Accelerator Technology Label MSDS
Sprayfast Sticker/spreader to enhance spray effectiveness and give one hour rainproofing Terpene polymers Label MSDS