Cereal Insecticides

Product Use Active Ingredient Label MSDS
Dimethox Systemic aphicide for a wide range of crops 400 g/l dimethoate Label MSDS
Kobiol Grain store insecticide treatment 25 g/l deltamethrin; 225 g/l piperonyl butoxide Label MSDS
Lima Gold Effective slug control High Load 5% metaldehyde slug pellet Label MSDS
Markate 50 Aphid control 50 g/L lambda cyhalothrin Label MSDS
Mitex Grain store pest control Silica powder Label MSDS
Phostoxin Aluminium phosphide tablets to control mite and weevil infestations in grain 56% Aluminium Phosphide Label MSDS
Traxx Ultra A High Load 5% metaldehyde slug pellet 5% Metaldehyde Label MSDS