Product Name Category Label MSDS PCS No. Active Ingredient/Market
ALL CLEAR EXTRA ADJUVANT [label] [msds] N/A Surfactant spray tank Cleaners
DESIKOTE MAX ADJUVANT [label] [msds] N/A Pre-Harvest grain and oilseed rape quality preservation
GLOW ADJUVANT [label [msds] N/A Hard Water and pH Conditioner
HEADLAND DIAMOND ADJUVANT [label] [msds] 92141 800 g/l methylated rapeseed oil
MIX R ADJUVANT [label] [msds] 91676 900 grams per litre non-ionic Economical spray wetter
RESISTIM ADJUVANT [label] [msds] N/A Terpene polymers to enhance Bean and pea plant health
SPRAYGARD ADJUVANT [label] [msds] 91600 General spray adjuvant
DIFCOR FUNGICIDE [label] [msds] 04983 250 grams per litre difenoconazole
DIFURE SOLO FUNGICIDE [label] [msds] 06537 250 grams per litre difenoconazole
GLOBAZTAR FUNGICIDE [label] [msds] 04859 250 g/l azoxystrobin
PECARI FUNGICIDE [label] [msds] 06277 250 g/l Prothioconazole
PECARI EXTRA FUNGICIDE [label] [msds] 06574 125 g/l Prothioconazole plus 125 G/L Tebuconazole
PROTENDO FUNGICIDE [label] [msds] 06251 250 g/l Prothioconazole
PROTENDO EXTRA FUNGICIDE [label] [msds] 06446 125 g/l Prothioconazole plus 125 g/l tebuconazole
SIMPRO FUNGICIDE [label] [msds] 06446 400 g/l Propamocarb plus 50 g/l cymoxanil
SIRENA FUNGICIDE [label] [msds] 05408 60 g/l metconazole
TEBUCUR FUNGICIDE [label] [msds] 04827 250 g/l tebuconazole EW
TIZCA FUNGICIDE [label] [msds] 04398 500 g/l fluazinam
WINGER FUNGICIDE [label] [msds] 05807 750 g/l fenpropidin
BEETSHIELD 200 HERBICIDE [label] [msds] 4632 200 g/l clopyralid
BINDER HERBICIDE [label] [msds] 06737 200 g/l fluroxypyr
BUGUIS HERBICIDE [label] [msds] 05113 100 g/l clodinafop plus safener Wild Oats in Wheat
BUZZIN HERBICIDE [label] [msds] 05490 70% metribuzin
CAMEO MAX HERBICIDE [label] [msds] 03135 250 g/kg tribenuron plus 250 g/kg metsulfuron
CLAW 100 HERBICIDE [label] [msds] 05874 100 g/l propaquizafop
CLEARALL 360 XL HERBICIDE [label] [msds] 05794 360 g/l glyphosate
CLEARALL SUPREME 450 XL HERBICIDE [label] [msds] 06692 450 g/l glyphosate PLUS Accelerator Technology
DIFLANIL 500 HERBICIDE [label] [msds] 04358 500 g/l diflufenican
DIOWEED 50 HERBICIDE [label] [msds] 02719 500 grams per litre 2,4-D
FLUROSTAR XL HERBICIDE [label] [msds] 06579 100 grams per litre Fluroxypyr and 2.5 grams per litre of Florasulam
FOXTROT HERBICIDE [label] [msds] 03858 69 g/L fenoxaprop-P-ethyl
GLOFLO HERBICIDE [label] [msds] 04873 700 g/l metamitron
GLOBUS HERBICIDE [label] [msds] 06573 50 g/l florasulam
GLOSSET HERBICIDE [label] [msds] 06319 600 g/l flufenacet
GrassCare Pro HERBICIDE [label] [msds] 06772 100 g/l fluroxypyr; 80 g/l clopyralid; 2.5 g/l florasulam plus co formulant technology
HAKSAR COMPLEX HERBICIDE [label] [msds] 05896 MCPA/Clopyralid/Fluroxypyr
M50 HERBICIDE [label] [msds] 05505 500 g/l MCPA
NACETO HERBICIDE [label] [msds] 05778 400 g/l flufenacet; 200 g/l diflufenican
NAVIGATE HERBICIDE [label] [msds] 05667 400 g/l flufenacet; 200 g/l diflufenican
QUICK 5 EC HERBICIDE [label] [msds] 04904 50 g/l quizalofop-p-ethyl
RAPSAN 500 SC HERBICIDE [label] [msds] 05886 500 g/l metazachlor
RAPSAN TURBO HERBICIDE [label] [msds] 05886 375g/l metazachlor plus 125 g/l quinmerac
ROXY 800 EC HERBICIDE [label] [msds] 05739 prosulfacarb 800
SANTRO HERBICIDE [label] [msds] 06684 100 g/l fluroxypyr; 80 g/l clopyralid; 2.5 g/l florasulam plus co formulant technology
UPROOT GRASSLAND WEEDKILLER HERBICIDE [label] [msds] 05976 93 g/l 2,4-D; 103 g/l triclopyr
ACTELLIC SG 20 INSECTICIDE [label] [msds] 0623622.5% pirimiphos-methyl
GRANPROTEC INSECTICIDE [label] [msds] 05734 25 g/l deltamethrin; 225 g/l piperonyl butoxide
KOBIOL INSECTICIDE [label] [msds] 03641 25 g/l deltamethrin; 225 g/l piperonyl butoxide
MARKATE 50 INSECTICIDE [label] [msds] 05001 50 g/L lambda cyhalothrin
MITEX INSECTICIDE [label] [msds] N/A Silica powder to control grain pests
PHOSTOXIN INSECTICIDE [label] [msds] 04685 56% Aluminium Phosphide
TRAXX ULTRA INSECTICIDE [label] [msds] 04960 High Load 5% metaldehyde slug pellet
HEADLAND BORON NUTRIENT [label] [msds] N/A 15% Boron
HEADLAND KOSMAN NUTRIENT [label] [msds] N/A 25%K; 15% Mn; 6% N; 9% Sulphur
HEADLAND MAGNUS NUTRIENT [label] [msds] N/A 480 g/l magnesium plus 360 g/l sulphur
HEADLAND MAIZE MICRO NUTRIENT [label] [msds] N/A 5% magnesium; 2% manganese; 1% zinc; 7.5% nitrate nitrogen
HEADLAND MULTIPLE NUTRIENT [label] [msds] N/A 330g/l manganese; 110 g/l copper; 84 g/l magnesium; 84 g/l zinc
HEADLAND SULPHUR (Thio-S) NUTRIENT [label] [msds] N/A 11.9% nitrogen; 25.5% sulphur
HEADLAND SULPHUR 800 NUTRIENT [label] [msds] N/A 800 g/l sulphur
WUXAL COPPER NUTRIENT [label] [msds] N/A 93 g/l EDTA copper
WUXAL MANGANESE NUTRIENT [label] [msds] N/A 150 grams per litre Manganese
WUXAL MULTIPLANT NUTRIENT [label] [msds] N/A 386 g/l nitrogen plus traces
WUXAL ZINC NUTRIENT [label] [msds] N/A 84 g/l EDTA zinc
CERAIDE GROWTH REGULATORS [label] [msds] 04741 Chlormequat plus safeners and adjuvants
COUPON GROWTH REGULATORS [label] [msds] 04741 480g/l Etephon
FREEZE GROWTH REGULATORS [label] [msds] 05347 250 g/l trinexapac
K2 GROWTH REGULATORS [label] [msds] 04742 Chlormequat plus safeners and adjuvants
MANIPULATOR GROWTH REGULATORS [label] [msds] 05333 Chlormequat plus safeners and adjuvants
MOXA GROWTH REGULATORS [label] [msds] 05487 250 g/l trinexapac
TRIDUS GROWTH REGULATORS [label] [msds] 06894 250 g/l trinexapac