Oilseed Rape

Rape the Star crop of 2020

In a difficult year for tillage crops, oilseed rape stands
out above the rest. Most crop yields were in the 1.7 to 2.0 tonnes per acre
range with many above that. At current prices, oilseed rape will leave the best
margins for 2020.

Looking ahead, there are a number of attractive contracts on
offer from oilseed rape buyers for next season. Apart from being a profitable
crop option at these prices, oilseed rape provides an excellent cereal break
and improves soil structure.

Regarding weed control in oilseed rape, early control is
important. That is because crop yield potential suffers  from early weed competition.

At DHM, we are pleased to offer Rapsan Turbo as a
pre-emergent or early post emergent herbicide option. Containing the proven
ingredients of metazachlor and quinmerac, Rapsan Turbo provides cost effective broadspectrum
weed control including cleavers. The best option is to spray at 2.0 litres per
hectare immediately after drilling the crop.

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New Grassland weedkiller

A powerful new grassland weedkiller has been introduced in Ireland. UpRoot from DHM Agrochemicals promises to deliver broad spectrum long term weed control in Irish grassland.

DHM have been introducing effective and good value weed control solutions to the Irish market for the past 25 years.

UpRoot contains two powerful and effective proven weed control ingredients

Triclopyr is a highly effective herbicide for the control of docks, nettles and scrub. This ingredient is contained in some of the leading brands of grassland herbicides. Following application, triclopyr is translocated to the weed root systems thus allowing for effective root kill.2,4-D Ester is a highly active form of the well known herbicide 2,4-D. The inclusion of this ingredient in UpRoot ensures a much wider level of weed control in pastures

The combination of triclopyr and 2,4-D ester provides probably the widest spectrum of weed control available for Irish pastures.

Uproot comes in a convenient 5 litre pack sufficient to cover up to 2 hectares.

For very best results use one five litre can of Uproot together with a single one litre can of Binder to 2 HA or 5 acres.

The product is gentle on grass also.

Weeds Controlled:

The list of weeds controlled by UpRoot is quite impressive!

This list includes:

Dock, Nettle, Thistle, Buttercup, Dandelion, Bramble

Uproot comes competitively priced. Ask for UpRoot now in your local AgriStore!

Grassland Weed Control Advice


Effective weed control in grassland is a constant challenge for Irish farmers. This year in particular has seen very wet weather conditions which will have implications for weed control. Because of grass scarcity this Spring, in many cases stock were turned out to rain sodden fields which had little or no grass cover. This resulted in a lot of poaching to pastures. Therefore, grass has been [...]

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Ask your Spray supplier for UpRoot Grassland Weedkiller NOW!

Download UPROOT information

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Better value prothioconazole available now!

We have now entered the post patent phase of the valuable prothioconazole cereal and oilseed rape fungicide. As such, cereal growers can make significant savings this season.

Prothioconazole has become the most widely used triazole active ingredient in Ireland due to its reliability in controlling a wide range of crop diseases. The brands available are Protendo and Pecari and both are supplied in one and five litre packs. Both products come from the well regarded and fast growing international agrichemical company Globachem, who also supply well known brands such as Diflanil, Spirodor, Tebucur, Moxa and Globaztar into the Irish crop protection market.

Protendo and Pecari both contain 250 grams per litre of prothioconazole. Both products are cleared for use on winter and spring wheat, barley and oats as well as on oilseed rape crops, rye and triticale. The products can be tank mixed with a wide range of fungicide partners to give a broader range of disease control and to minimize disease resistance development. Both products move in a translaminar and acropetal manner within the crop thus helping to give long term disease control.

Protendo and Pecari are available from usual agrichemical suppliers.In Ireland, these products are distributed by DHM Agrochemicals.

Further information from: Denis Madigan (087) 255 1272

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