Oilseed Rape Products

Product Use Active Ingredient Label MSDS
Claw 100 Annuals, cereal volunteers and annual meadow grass weed control 100 g/l propaquizafop Label MSDS
Desikote Max Pod sealant to reduce pre harvest grain losses Terpene polymers Label MSDS
Proper Flo Winter oilseed rape herbicide to control grasses and broadleaved weeds. 400 g/l propyzamide Label MSDS
Quick A cost effective graminicide for volunteer, wild-oat and grass weed control in oilseed rape, beet and other broadleaved crops 50 g/l quizalofop-p-ethyl Label MSDS
Rapsan 500 SC Pre or early post emergence broad leaved weed herbicide 500 g/l metazachlor Label MSDS
Riza Broad spectrum fungicide 250 g/l tebuconazole Label MSDS
Tebucur Broad spectrum fungicide 250 g/l tebuconazole Label MSDS