Rape the Star crop of 2020

In a difficult year for tillage crops, oilseed rape stands
out above the rest. Most crop yields were in the 1.7 to 2.0 tonnes per acre
range with many above that. At current prices, oilseed rape will leave the best
margins for 2020.

Looking ahead, there are a number of attractive contracts on
offer from oilseed rape buyers for next season. Apart from being a profitable
crop option at these prices, oilseed rape provides an excellent cereal break
and improves soil structure.

Regarding weed control in oilseed rape, early control is
important. That is because crop yield potential suffers  from early weed competition.

At DHM, we are pleased to offer Rapsan Turbo as a
pre-emergent or early post emergent herbicide option. Containing the proven
ingredients of metazachlor and quinmerac, Rapsan Turbo provides cost effective broadspectrum
weed control including cleavers. The best option is to spray at 2.0 litres per
hectare immediately after drilling the crop.