A powerful new grassland weedkiller has
been introduced in Ireland for 2021.  The
product is available as two brands – GrassCare Pro and Santro.  

For many years, individual weedkillers have
controlled only a narrow range of weeds leaving farmers with difficult choices
regarding which product would be suitable for their situations. Now with either
GrassCare or Santro, the choice is made easier due to the broad range of weeds
controlled effectively.

According to Denis Madigan of DHM
Agrochemicals, “The ingredients in these products have been  proven to provide effective control of dock,
buttercup, thistle, dandelion and other weeds over many years. Now, these
weedkiller formulations are available at much better value to farmers”.

Ireland distributor DHM have been
introducing effective and good value weed control solutions to the Irish market
for the past 25 years.

These products are supplied by Sharda
Cropchem, a leading global provider of agrochemicals.

GrassCare Pro and Santro contain three
powerful and effective proven weed control ingredients

The product makeup is as follows:

Fluroxypyr          100
grams per litre

Florasulam          2.5
grams per litre

Clopyralid            80
grams per litre

Fluroxypyr is a highly
effective herbicide for the control of docks and chickweed. This ingredient is
contained in some of the leading brands of grassland herbicides. Following
application, fluroxypyr moves to the weed root systems thus allowing for
effective root kill.Florasulam is effective against
a broad range of grassland weeds. The inclusion of this ingredient in GrassCare
Pro and Santro ensures a much wider level of weed control in pasturesClopyralid adds a powerful
additional ingredient particularly for thistle control in grassland.

This combination of  ingredients provides probably the widest
spectrum and best value of weed control products available for Irish pastures.

GrassCare Pro and Santro
are available in convenient 5 litre packs [...]